Do you need product photography?

Truthfully, it does not matter how good your product is, if it looks bad then no one is going to be interested in it. The first step for any brand is to capture attention. Professional product photography tells your audience that you take your brand seriously and your products are worth buying.

People are able to process whether they like a brand's image in less than one second, which is also the time it takes your brand to process images. Visual elements can make or break the sale of any of your products. Businesses that take the time to have professional developed product photography will instantly be a step above their competitor that does not.

Standard product photography is a focus on taking images will capture the essence of the product, the labeling, and the packaging. One of the good things about standard product photography is that it can be applied to almost any situation. Whether you use standard product photography for your eCommerce store, marketing graphics, magazine ads, or in-store print, the possibilities are endless.

Lifestyle product photography we focus on taking images while in-use, paired with similar products, and paired with non-competing products. We understand the appropriate procedure, background materials, field, lighting, and the camera angles that it takes to create effective and powerful lifestyles images for your products.

A few popular cases in which you could use lifestyle photos are social media posts, marketing and advertising, blogs, articles, and in-store placement. There are an infinite amount of cases in which lifestyle product photography can be used.

This makes selling your products a lot easier, because the vast majority of people do not have the attention span to read all the features and benefits of your products. When the photos can be absorbed instantly by your audience, they are more likely to be interested. 

Standard Product Photography
Pricing starts at: $450
7 stunning photos
2 lifestyle photos
Based off of expert market analysis
Professional post production

Premium Product Photography
Pricing starts at: $650 

12+ stunning photos 

4 lifestyle photos

Based off of expert market analysis
Professional post production



The first step is for us to learn about your business. All new clients will complete a questionnaire that gathers information about your company and your products. During this phase, we will evaluate your brand, competitors, and goals for us to execute your product photography. We ask that as a client you provide us with as much information and detail as possible so that we can ensure that the product shoot is successful.

Editing Process

During the photoshoot we capture raw images. After the photoshot we begin to do basic editing on the raw images. We have endless editing abilities. We have a wide array of skills that can put images on different backgrounds, add logos, make the images transparent and more. The editing will vary based off of the product photography package that you have selected.

Coordinating the Shoot

One of the most important parts of our product photography is coordinating the shoot. Before we begin we like to setup a coordination call, so we can clearly understand what your vision is and bring it to fruition. During this step, we also determine how we will receive your products, what we will need to shoot, what locations we need to be at, as well as a timeline and what kind of shots we will need.

Final Product Shots

After we complete the editing process, we deliver all of the images to you in Dropbox. You will have access to the Dropbox for 45 days. We recommend that you download them onto your external storage or computer for safe keeping. We try to keep the files from all of our photoshoots, however, we can not guarantee that we will be able to provide any images after the 45 day period.

Product Photoshoot

After we have coordinated the product shoot, we get to work. We make sure that the lighting is properly setup, all the props are prepared, the location is proper, and that our equipment is fully functional.

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