Why do you even need to utilize video in part of your marketing strategy?

Video is one of the easiest ways for a potential client or customer to see what your business is all about, whether that be a product, service, or information. This plays a big role in people connecting and engaging with your brand.  

Using social media, video is extremely popular because it has a higher reach than a single photo does. You can say and show a lot more with video than you can with photos, however both are necessary.

We offer content creation videography services, which can range from product videography showcasing your physical products to interview style videography to so much more.. The possibilities are endless!

Our pricing on videography has many factors and will vary per shoot
Contact us for exact pricing on your project

Basic: $350-650
1-4 hours to shoot
Professional editing, color correction
Minor graphics

Advanced: $650-950
4-8 hours to shoot
Professional editing, color correction
Multiple graphics
Multiple angles, advanced editing


From start to finish what you can expect

A video signifies so much for a brand so we make sure that we get it right the first time and make sure that you love it and can use it as beneficial marketing collateral for your business.

Planning & Strategy

We first have you fill out a questionnaire as to what your idea is and what the goal of this video shoot is. From there we meet with you and we discuss how we go forward, give you a full list of the videos we are going to take, and plan out how you would like this edited based off of your goals. 


After we have solidified everything from the planning and strategy stage we schedule your video shoot depending on what it entails. After the shoot we again meet or have a video call with you to discuss how we want to go forward with editing. 

Final Product

After we have planned, recorded, edited, and perfected your video it is ready for you and we deliver you the file(s) that you love and can use as marketing collateral for your business.

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